The world is
your chat room.

Create your own real
world 3D chat rooms
with your phone.

What is Yizoot

Yizoot is the first blockchain based 3D social project where users can use their mobile phone camera to create a destination chat room as a virtual replica of the real world. Friends and participants in group chats can interact, decorate and move around in the host room. They can also toggle between participants’ rooms and experience every social interaction in a 3D recreation of their real environment.

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Yizoot for Business

The business model includes an integrated marketplace of AR objects and interactive services which produce a revenue dreamland. The platform unites social users with businesses and brands through virtual chat rooms and showrooms into a digital experience which incorporates every aspect of social and virtual eCommerce.

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The Yizoot beta

Yizoot APP is the mobile application where videos and images can be recorded, shared and uploaded to the Yizoot World repository. It has been developed to beta stage and released for testing on both Android and iOS stores. The app contains preloaded AR models, which can be recorded and shared to native media channels and are auto-pinned to a recently completed structure of Yizoot World.