An interactive media world perfectly mapped to every location on earth.

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Important notice: We are currently in discussion with investors to join us in a private placement arrangement, which necessitates the indefinite postponement of the YIZOOT token offer. We now aim to offer YIZOOT World and its revenue potential to everyone, not just the crypto community. What is coming will blow your mind!

How to reserve your location

From Times Square to the Eiffel Tower,
the White House to Taj Majal,
any location can be yours

Choose any of the available hexagons
One Hexagon = One brandable Media Channel
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All our world's a stage,
and you can own the theatre
Join the interactive media revolution
You don't need to be a media creator to own a channel
No censorship. It's your channel. Your rules
Brands and advertisers pair with opted-in channels and their audiences
Viewers watch uploaded and tethered media based on locations or search
Meet the Team
The YIZOOT team has been working together on various projects for more than a decade—mostly for international clients like Samsung, Relx, Dermalogica, Bank of Athens, but also finding time to build their own interesting platforms, products and apps. While dabbling in BlockChain tech for a few years, our team’s focus has shifted almost exclusively to BlockChain-related projects and services. Our core development team has expanded over the last few years to all working together to turn YIZOOT into the world’s leading Interactive Media Platform on the BlockChain.
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